It is night, it is cold, in the wet streets of beautiful Strasbourg. I seem to lose myself inside her, I wander through her long furrows dimly lit by emaciated lampposts and a red moon, almost invisible, in search of my appointment. My appointment with Trance-Goa.
Finally, I find myself in front of a bar, in a small deserted street. Everything is so quiet here, we hear only a few laughs too alcoholic and the sound of footsteps alone. A last breath, a last breath of fresh air, and I enter. It reminded me of a very outer-world casino where everyone is happy and just hanging out having a blast. Just like many casinos, it was legal just like the newest Canadian casino sites that popped up, which I totally recommend you try it out. It was something that a description is impossible to be made.
The evening was organized by Mustafa Mousse. He’s the one I met for you, he’s the one who opened the doors of this unique world …

Psylloween party organized by Mousse in 2013
I go down a staircase and m’engouffre in a sort of small cellar very intimate. And here I am, among them, among the new hippies. There is a very tall guy, a German, with dread-locks, it looks like he’s wearing pajamas. There are two girls too, much younger, very pretty, very fashions. There are those two guys laughing on their phones. It looks like they are playing some game. They seem happy, probably they are winning a grand fortune. Now I understand, they are playing a casino game for the first time, and they won a casino bonus because every new player gets it when signing up. One of the guys shouted: “check it out the best online casino ever”. I continue watching the other people around me. There are old, very classy. There are also people like you and me.
I watch them all. They dance. I had never seen people moving like that before. Their whole body is shaking, as if it were completely invaded by music. This ultra-colorful melody, almost hallucinogenic, penetrates their arms, seizes their legs, makes their hearts beat and softens their souls.
They all dance differently. Without really looking at each other. Almost never touching each other. Yet they all seem interconnected, united by this same psychedelic experience, they seem to form one, all metamorphosed by a shamanic rite. They breathe the music, they swallow it, it takes them to the guts. She embarks them, this infernal pulsating melody, these excessively jerky rhythms, towards a parallel universe.
The use of hyper rhythmic percussions added to very complex synth sounds creates a very surprisingsensation , particularly intense. The more we listen to it, the more this music takes possession of our mind and leads us into a kind of common hypnosis. She can make speed, she can make soft, but she never leaves indifferent.
Psylloween party

To listen to the goa once is to accept the orgasm of all its senses, the total transport of its soul. To listen to the goa is to look differently at one’s belly button, but also life, the whole universe.

In the evenings of Mustafa Mousse, the decoration is always important. The DJ throne like a king, he looks at the crowd smiling. On the walls, drawings flourish, large shaded mushrooms, astral representations, geometric shapes. Squares, circles, triangles seem to blend together. The lights, which change with the rhythm of the music, complete the psychedelic atmosphere with a big blow of green, of blue, but especially of acidulous pink. The following link offers you a gallery of the best indie bands right now.
More than another galaxy, this strange music, a real emotional richness, makes us travel to a utopia, the utopia of the old hippies. Peace, Love and Unity.
“I discovered trance-goa about fifteen years ago thanks to the internet,” explains Mousse. ” I was already listening to psychedelic rock The Doors, Pinkfloyd, Hendrix, … It’s the base! Psycho-trance or goa-trance are in continuity , it’s really the evolution of the hippie movement. ”
The Goa-Trance, associated with the number 604, finds its origin in a hippie movement that flourished in Goa, India, from the 70s to the 80s. Strange mix between techno, psychedelic rock, new wave, industrial music and oriental music,Powerful bass omnipresents are often added samples straight out of sci-fi movies. There are many references to mystery, interstellar travel, liberation of the mind, and new sensual experiences.
“It’s a transcendental music, that’s what I like,” says Mousse, “It usually runs around 140 bpm (beats per minute) .” We recognize this triplet music especially, galloping in fact. There is no speech, no poetry, no lyricism, it’s the music that dictates your thoughts, not the words, if there are sometimes voices, it’s only to embellish the music . ”
Astral Projection, Electric Universe, Hallucinogen, Cosma, X-Noise, … So many groups of Psy-Trance.
If Mousse has a passion for this kind of music, he does not reject the others so far: “Otherwise, I like everything … except rap rap gives off hate, and I’m not concerned by what they say, or rather not touched. ” 

Psylove party organized by Mousse

As for the Trance-Goa, he explains: “It is true that there is not too much in Alsace.It is much less present in France than in other European countries like France. Germany, Italy or Spain. “In addition to Europe, the Trance-Goa attracts countries like Israel or Japan.
” La Trance is not just a musical movement, it’s an art of living and thinking, it’s really related to hippies, it’s the” smile “all the time! we are peace, love and unity … it’s a long way from their sex, drugs and rock’n’roll! ” He laughs.
He’s like that, Moss. He laughs all the time. He lives in his own world, he has his own way of thinking, of talking. He plays with words. He plays with feelings. It’s a character quite apart. He is, in my opinion, the most perfect representative of the whole Goa spirit in Strasbourg .
It is especially him who organizes the best parties of Goa-Trance in Alsace. “The first night I  organized dates back to 2010 … I knew Goa parties and all that involved: the DJ’s, the decor, the visu … But that, I lived only in my little world to me. I went to Trance parties in Paris and that’s when I thought that instead of constantly going to the capital, I could very well bring Goa evenings here
Its parties welcome 600 people on average. His festival, The Avoid The Void, took place in August 2013. It was spread over two days, from Friday to Sunday noon, and gathered 800 people. This one took place in Kronenbourg, it was partly held in a room and partly in the open air.
Mousse has managed to bring to Strasbourg several well known DJs in the world of Trance such as Ephedrix, Solaris, Shagma or Micro Scan .

Avoid The Void Festival organized by Mousse

If his evenings meet such a success, to the point that it is now the Parisians who make the trip to Strasbourg, it is because Mousse is really involved in everything he does. No detail is neglected, everything must be perfect, in complete osmosis with the spirit of Psytrance. Thus, the decoration of the rooms is for him essential: “It is super important! Everything is put in context thanks to the visu.This gives a frame to the event.” He does not hesitate to bring artists such as bodypainter.
His dream, for his next evening, would be to bring many artists and organize, for a weekend, a psychedelic festival that would look like a small village, a haven for people who live happily , happy to be disconnected from reality, happy to evolve in their universe.
This evening would be for Mousse last . Indeed, this “hobby”, as he calls himself, takes a lot of time, “it’s tired!” he said. He also explains that it is extremely difficult to find a room that is large enough and, above all, far enough away from potential neighbors who might complain about the noise.
He admits : “In fact, the evening I did in December was supposed to be the last. I had officially announced it. But when I saw what the others are doing next, it revolted me! ”
Mustafa is very committed to the purity of the spirit of the Psy-Trance. Away from commercial considerations, it is above all his evenings are punctuated by the spiritual, mystical and, above all, happiness.
Because that’s what in his nights, people are happy , no fight, no insults, everyone is happy to be there, and if you exchange glances with other dancers around you, they smile at you, quite simply.

I did not resist long the female voice that invited me to fly to hyperspace. Goa-Trance seizes you, it digs behind the barriers of the unconscious, it comes to free your soul. In my ecstatic quest for the absolute, this hypnotic music offers me colorful, fluorescent mirages. Transgressing all my complexes, I lean on the green grass to embark on the milky way, sparkling with a thousand and one stars, a thousand and one diamonds. The joy seems to radiate around me as the sparks of the crystal would do. This electronic music with lively rhythms has a heart that beats intensely. Strange mix between energetic and jerky modernity and traditional shamanic rites, you have to listen to understand it.
“How do you want me to describe you my evenings, can we describe a feeling, an emotion, no, we have to live it, that’s all.”