Catalog 2

ff 01 Chainsaw Gutsfuck s/t cs / sold out
ff 02 Silvester Anfang Funeral Folk cs / sold out
ff 03 Per & Öystein Evil Noise cs / sold out
ff 04 Silvester Anfang Damnation on Tweede Kerstdag cs- /cdr-single / sold out
ff 05 Edgar Wappenhalter s/t / sold out
ff 06 Per & Öystein Evil Noise II cdr / sold out
ff 07 Silvester Anfang De Vrije Beyaerdiers cdr / sold out
ff 08 Silvester Anfang We Creep within Dark Places cdr / sold out
ff 09 Mollenhauer s/t cdr / sold out
ff10 Jesus Balls/Silvester Anfang split tape / sold out
ff 11 Hellvete s/t cdr  / sold out
ff12 December s/t cdr / sold out
ff13 Blodklod/Geitevuyst s/t split tape / sold out
ff14 Silvester Anfang Heidense Maagden / sold out
ff15 Jack Rose/Silvester Anfang 7″ / sold out
ff16 Alkerdeel s/t  tape  / sold out
ff17 Flautas Del Chiguire s/t  tape / sold out
ff18 Rivercrest Etherische Chemie cdr / sold out
ff 19 Ice Bird Spiral Psychiatmc Bloems tape / sold out
ff20 As Zeik s/t tape / sold out
ff21 Blood Sabbath cdr / sold out
ff22 Aqua Nebula Oscillator Caves Recordings 1998-2004 LP

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all cassettes and cd-r’s: 5 eur
2cdr: 8 neuro

Funeral Folk Fan Website releases noise/folk/drone/psych/metal projects. We only send free or promotional stuff to people whose ideology is similar to ours. So do not bother to write us to ask for free copies. Prices are low, and so are cheap journalists.