At Rue Meurt, we are great fans of musical discovery, lulled by this urban culture where new talents abound. Speaking of discoveries, we discovered this trending site. It features good music, but the center of attention are the games and the games are quite spectacular, you can win tons of rewards and real money too. Just make sure to use the convenient casino bonuses that will allow you to play for free. In this article, we are going to present you a piece of the Belgian Underground world by presenting you a very promising young artist composer of the psytrance scene.
The psychedelic Trance, also called psytrance is a form of electronic music appeared in the early 90 ‘in Goa in India, hence the name “Goa” or “Trance Goa”. This music is characterized by a fast pace, in the ranges of 125 to 160 beats per minute (BPM) unlike other forms of slower electronic music such as minimal, house or Techno.
The bass is strong, twirling, without interruption, often entangled by other rhythms. In a global way, the goa turns to surprising, unexpected and sometimes unreal, immaterial sounds. DJs use different musical sources that they rework to include in their compositions in the form of “Kick” (beats rhythmic). The Goa will thus not value the melody, but the synthetic rhythm pushed to the paroxysm of the systemic repetition.
Adepts will often tell you that they can dance for hours to sharpen sometimes even without advocating drug abuse, this music takes you to the guts, leaving you no other alternative than a letting go of the most enjoyable. I advise each of our readers to go at least once in their lives to a Goa party, because we feel like we are traveling beyond time in a world of multiple colors, which takes us away from our graying and depressing urban setting. If you are a big fan of Funeral Folk Band, you should follow this link.
Now let’s get to the heart of the matter .. 
Asmik is a 22-year-old Dj born in Moscow in a Russia plagued by the big problems of economic restructuring caused by the fall of the wall as well as the more dubious politics of Boris Yeltsin . During the 1990s Russia wavers between corruption, inflation, wars. At the age of 3, his family immigrated to Belgium thanks to his grandfather, who obtained a position as a journalist, which enabled them to escape this complex social situation.
After a detour through Paris, Asmik completed his secondary studies in Brussels, he is now a student in Sound Engineering at SAE.
From metal to psychedelic
From an early age this autodidact, allergic to strict dogmas of solfège, was attracted by the electric guitar, “I always found this fascinating instrument.” It is with passion that he embarks on this apprenticeship towards his 14 years. It was at that time that he had an attraction for rock metal, a period during which he was quite closed to other styles of music, such as rap that repugnant him, because contrary to his ideology of the time .
Around the age of 15, friends introduced him to the world of techno, hard tekno and Free Party. As a result of these new musical discoveries, he is interested in composition, he began to experiment with software such as “Fruty Loops” and “Reason”, which gives him a rather broad vision of electronic music as well as his creation.
“I came across a video on the web of a guy who was handling a compo machine it fascinated me completely, that’s where I got the trigger and I knew it was what I wanted to do it, while still staying in the cold metal world for a while. “
In 2009, he will acquire his first electribe, which allowed him to improve a lot. A year later, he began his first live with the BASS label, including club, Kultuurkaffee, this experience launched at the front of the underground scene in Brussels. Shortly after, he gets noticed by another Phonyrik Records label.
“It’s thanks to my performance in Kultuur that I met Nataraj, a friend and an exceptional DJ, he plays the hardtek of psytrance and other genres that he handles brilliantly, he really his own style, he is a very interesting artist, it is thanks to this kind of meetings that I could propel myself in the underground environment. “
His artistic consecration gained momentum in 2012 when he was invited to play in Israel, a real Mecca of psytrance for almost 20 years.
“I got noticed by the organizers thanks to my soundcloud, one day a guy just added me to my facebook page, I asked him what he thought of one of my new songs, he appreciated and proposed to come to perform on their stage, I was quite amazed, this is how I landed in Tel Aviv in August 2012. This experience motivated me even more to continue in music, because being invited into one of the cradles of the goa was something I could not imagine at the time. “
Today, he has also signed with a big Belgian label Goamadness and plays regularly in Flanders.
“It gave me confidence, I knew that I really touched people through my music, despite the fact that I already had positive feedback from my loved ones, as an artist, it’s always It’s more rewarding to be noticed by the pros, and for the Flemish, the trance parties are different because they have a more developed scene with regard to electronic music, and art in general, they are more open. I find again the goa spirit “oldschool” that I appreciate.They do a good job. “
Although Asmik is known for his psychedelic performances, he is also a great eclectic who touches everything that pleases him musically, from the minimal via neurofunk or frenchcore.
“For an artist, it’s important to be eclectic, because it allows you to feed your music with inter-influences to adjust your angle of view.”
Underground between disappointments and opportunities. 
I could not help but ask him for his opinion on the underground culture, where he has been living for almost 6 years.
endangers the artists who try to live their music, because a lot of pseudo DJs agree to play free. That’s why I admire crews like Bankizz or artists like Taty Maka who were there at the beginning of the boom and who have kept the same spirit since they started. But it’s still a big debate, I’m aware that some people do not share my opinion. “
In the future Asmik would like to perform on the biggest scenes of psytrance such as BOOM festival, Ozora and Lost Theory.
“I have contacts with Russians living in Israel, I found with astonishment during my stay in 2012 that people spoke Russian in the street, some signs are even translated into Russian! This makes it easier for me to contact I’m negotiating for a live that will take place there in the coming months. “
Following the conversation we had with him, we discovered a passionate artist very knowledgeable about the culture in which he evolves, we are sure he is only at the beginning of his career and that he will go very far ! I can only encourage you to discover this promising and talented artist, who will not stop making you dance with his amazing sounds and extremely well handled. I invite you to follow him on facebook  and soundcloud . If you feel like going dancing under the Ghent sun, he will be present at a free open air: HalluGen Free Open Air: Down The Rabbit Hole 2  the date is not yet planned, but it should not delay!