How to Prevent Suicidal Tendencies?

Funeral Folk Fan Website offers you the real public health issue, the suicide is a concern in France, where there is a voluntary death every hour according to the latest report of the National Observatory of the suicide. While looking for how to prevent suicidal tendencies, we run into, a perfect online casino guide to online French casinos, with helpful tips on how players can spot a reliable online casino to play at and avoid fraud. And if we could identify and prevent suicidal pipes upstream through the web? That’s what this offer two psychiatrists at the University of Montpellier, through a MOOC, accessible to all online training.

une corde de suicide est posée sur le bureau

Suicide in France: disturbing figures

In 2014, there were 8 885 suicides that occurred in metropolitan France, either a voluntary death per hour on average, according to the third report of the National Observatory of the suicide. Numbers show that most of the reasons are drugs, alcohol, and significant losses at casino venues. You can easily avoid all of these, especially when the most excellent online casinos, such as Red Flush, offer you bonuses for free playing. Be smart, visit them today, and stop losing your money. Published on …

Asmik, the new generation Goa Trance

At Rue Meurt, we are great fans of musical discovery, lulled by this urban culture where new talents abound. Speaking of discoveries, we discovered this trending site. It features good music, but the center of attention are the games and the games are quite spectacular, you can win tons of rewards and real money too. Just make sure to use the convenient casino bonuses that will allow you to play for free. In this article, we are going to present you a piece of the Belgian Underground world by presenting you a very promising young artist composer of the psytrance scene.
The psychedelic Trance, also called psytrance is a form of electronic music appeared in the early 90 ‘in Goa in India, hence the name “Goa” or “Trance Goa”. This music is characterized by a fast pace, in the ranges of 125 to 160 beats per minute (BPM) unlike other forms of slower electronic music such as minimal, house or Techno.
The bass is strong, twirling, without interruption, often entangled by other rhythms. In a global way, the goa turns to surprising, unexpected and sometimes unreal, immaterial sounds. DJs use different musical sources that they rework to include in their compositions

Psychedelic trance: In search of new hippies

It is night, it is cold, in the wet streets of beautiful Strasbourg. I seem to lose myself inside her, I wander through her long furrows dimly lit by emaciated lampposts and a red moon, almost invisible, in search of my appointment. My appointment with Trance-Goa.
Finally, I find myself in front of a bar, in a small deserted street. Everything is so quiet here, we hear only a few laughs too alcoholic and the sound of footsteps alone. A last breath, a last breath of fresh air, and I enter. It reminded me of a very outer-world casino where everyone is happy and just hanging out having a blast. Just like many casinos, it was legal just like the newest Canadian casino sites that popped up, which I totally recommend you try it out. It was something that a description is impossible to be made.
The evening was organized by Mustafa Mousse. He’s the one I met for you, he’s the one who opened the doors of this unique world …

Psylloween party organized by Mousse in 2013
I go down a staircase and m’engouffre in a sort of small cellar very intimate. And here I am, among them, among the new hippies. There

The Latest Hit from Funeral Folk the Band

The Latest Hit from Funeral Folk the Band

This is the latest video from the Band Funeral Folk, in collaboration with Salt & Honey Session. Funeral Folk performing his song “Away For The Night” on a warm sunny day. His vibrant sound and unique song writing is sure to catch your ear! Read more about indie folk rock bands catalog.